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Farming with teats. er breasts. er…

As it is World Breastfeeding Week i thought it seemed like a good time to reflect a bit on my own experience of breastfeeding. And to share this lovely video from Nursing is Normal. I wasn’t worried about breastfeeding one bit. Not even a scrap. I had a number of friends who had children at … Continue reading

a Truth

It’s an amazing rainy day. The type where even our frenetic lab Miles lazes around snoozing the majority of the day. Eli is back asleep and I think to myself, this is a writing day. A thinking day. A day for reflections. So I pour a fresh cup of coffee and and sit myself down … Continue reading

Eli enjoys Hawk’s Flight Farm’s fall abundance…

Follow-up photos: Eli diving into our CSA crate..

fall abundance

Here’s a beautiful album of produce abundance from our friends farm… fall abundance Our CSA share comes from them and the crate this week was a veritable rainbow. I have never been so excited to dive into veggies. Eli felt similarly.

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