I am a sixth-generation organic dairy farming mama with a degree in Journalism and a love of all things yoga, organic, and in Nature. I am mama to Eli; he has turned my world upside down and brought everything of Light into it.
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Farming with teats. er breasts. er…

As it is World Breastfeeding Week i thought it seemed like a good time to reflect a bit on my own experience of breastfeeding. And to share this lovely video from Nursing is Normal. I wasn’t worried about breastfeeding one bit. Not even a scrap. I had a number of friends who had children at … Continue reading

Post 1; chop chop!!

Writing has always been therapeutic for me. I turned to it when I needed to sort things out or had a creative wave. And farming has always been something to maybe hide a bit from the general eye, as a constant and very large part of my life. So this concept which I hear about … Continue reading

Brownies? for Breakfast?!

I just caught myself writing a short essay underneath a pin on Pinterest about these brownies and thought, just write a quick blog post abbie. Just freaking do it. I’m the worst at that (obviously.) Always in my head is that journalist mentality that each story must show all sides, must have three credible sources, … Continue reading

a Truth

It’s an amazing rainy day. The type where even our frenetic lab Miles lazes around snoozing the majority of the day. Eli is back asleep and I think to myself, this is a writing day. A thinking day. A day for reflections. So I pour a fresh cup of coffee and and sit myself down … Continue reading

A Holiday Reading Tradition For The Whole Family : NPR

I have been wondering for a while now, where to start the actual writing of this blog. I try and live my life under the assumption that if we are open to it the Universe will send us ideas or answers. And so I’ve just been waiting until something really struck me. A Holiday Reading … Continue reading

tigress in a jam: canning 101

tigress in a jam: canning 101. As much as I need to get going for real on this whole writing a blog thing… I REALLY need to get going on learning this whole canning thing. I enjoy this blog and her tips n’ tricks. So I think I’ll pursue this further compliments of the tigress. … Continue reading

Dr. Oz Finds Arsenic in Many Top Apple Juice Brands | Inhabitots

Dr. Oz Finds Arsenic in Many Top Apple Juice Brands | Inhabitots. Apples are the number one rated fruit in the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen.” The guide is created to assist shoppers in their decision making when it comes to purchasing produce. Number one rating in the Dirty Dozen means that apples continue the … Continue reading

Eco-Friendly Straws Solve a Parents Dilemma | Inhabitots – StumbleUpon

Eco-Friendly Straws Solve a Parents Dilemma | Inhabitots – StumbleUpon. Loving this!! I always feel guilty using straws…

Eli enjoys Hawk’s Flight Farm’s fall abundance…

Follow-up photos: Eli diving into our CSA crate..

fall abundance

Here’s a beautiful album of produce abundance from our friends farm… fall abundance Our CSA share comes from them and the crate this week was a veritable rainbow. I have never been so excited to dive into veggies. Eli felt similarly.

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