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Brownies? for Breakfast?!

I just caught myself writing a short essay underneath a pin on Pinterest about these brownies and thought, just write a quick blog post abbie. Just freaking do it. I’m the worst at that (obviously.) Always in my head is that journalist mentality that each story must show all sides, must have three credible sources, and must be thoroughly and carefully researched. Now, there certainly are blogs I couldn’t just throw together as there is definitively a need for that with certain subjects, but I don’t exactly see talking about coconut flour brownies as one of them.

SO. I found this recipe for fudgy coconut flour brownies, I’m guessing through Pinterest. I pretty much would be a mental lump on a log without Pinterest to trigger my creative juices with all those amazing pictures. It’s from The Well Fed Homestead, a wonderful blog I found in my now never ending quest to find resources from people who believe in butter. and healthy fat. and real food, and all that.

We’ve started haying for this year, but Mother Nature, in her usual fashion is keeping us on our toes guessing. It was a rainy grey day and I thought Eli and I needed a fun chocolate based project to get us going. I am telling you, the batter of these brownies coming together was incredible. Silky and glossy and sexy. And it smelled ridiculous; the most decadent scent of deep dark chocolate wafted from my oven as they were baking. And Eli kept running over and saying, “keek? keeeek? KEEK!!” That’s cake, for those of you not well versed in toddler talk.

Coconut flour is one of those very “in” pieces of the GAPS diet/Traditional Food/Real Food trends you may or may not see occurring, depending on where you’re at in your life with that. I think I started reading about it on Nourished Kitchen, one of my very favorite traditional food blogs. This is a great post she wrote about Baking with Coconut Flour. For me personally, I’ve been drawn towards coconut flour as it’s both a gluten and grain free flour. I have some wheat allergies and while sprouted and/or properly soaked grains treat me well enough, I love coconut and figured I’d give this trend a go!

A few thoughts…

The first is that Eli gobbled these up. And they’re so healthy, per my thoughts of healthy at least, that they served as a component of his breakfast, maybe more than once. A recipe comprised simply of coconut flour, a ton of pastured organic eggs, maple syrup, organic cocoa, a bit of sea salt, and organic pasture butter…I’d say they’re healthier than the actual organic breakfast cereal that Eli is allowed to have when I’ve lost my zealot mode for a moment and just give in. While a definite go on the kid side, I have to say I’m not entirely sold. So far these cannot replace a Ghirardelli’s Dark Fudge box o’ brownies for this girl. The downside of coconut flour is that it sucks up moisture like a sponge. And therefore can create the actual texture of a sponge when you’re baking with it. However, I have hope. This was only my second foray with coconut flour baking, clearly there’s far more ahead of me. I think that I may cut down an egg or two and just see how it goes next time. Or maybe add applesauce. Or mascarpone, like in this recipe, from the Kitchn. I’d also really like to try out Healthy Child, Healthy World’s take on “brainy brownies.”

And though I guess I’m not quite at the point where they have replaced my current expectation of a “brownie” they really were delicious with a glass of ice cold organic raw milk on the side! What’s your favorite brownie recipe? Have you played in the land of the coconut flour baking yet?

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I am a sixth-generation organic dairy farming mama with a degree in Journalism and a love of all things yoga, organic, and in Nature. I am mama to Eli; he has turned my world upside down and brought everything of Light into it.


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