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tigress in a jam: canning 101

tigress in a jam: canning 101.

As much as I need to get going for real on this whole writing a blog thing…

I REALLY need to get going on learning this whole canning thing.
I enjoy this blog and her tips n’ tricks. So I think I’ll pursue this further compliments of the tigress.

I was gifted some wildly tasty apple butter a few years ago and i’m quite certain it’s a necessity for me to produce some of my own so i can stop dreaming and drooling about it and just eat some!

Eli and I are also experimenting with growing tomatoes indoors this winter…so far it’s working much better than I ever would have though it too. Particularly as the experimental part primarily comes from the reality of trying to keep a distractingly curious toddler from climbing into, removing, or just generally destroying said plant.

Once I collect enough…I adore the thought of canning them.


About tractormom

I am a sixth-generation organic dairy farming mama with a degree in Journalism and a love of all things yoga, organic, and in Nature. I am mama to Eli; he has turned my world upside down and brought everything of Light into it.


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