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Dr. Oz Finds Arsenic in Many Top Apple Juice Brands | Inhabitots

Dr. Oz Finds Arsenic in Many Top Apple Juice Brands | Inhabitots.

Apples are the number one rated fruit in the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen.” The guide is created to assist shoppers in their decision making when it comes to purchasing produce. Number one rating in the Dirty Dozen means that apples continue the highest levels of pesticides; terrifying considering it is probably the number one fruit children consume.

This article further stresses, in my mind, the importance of purchasing (particularly apple) products organically. A child’s immune system is so much more delicate than that of an adult and it is the building block for their health. What they eat, how it is partaken, where it is grown, all these factors influence how a child’s foundation for immunity is developed.

When you’re shopping, I would urge parents to AT LEAST consider purchasing the produce listed on the “Dirty Dozen,” organically. The EWG even creates a mini pocket version you can throw in your wallet!!


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I am a sixth-generation organic dairy farming mama with a degree in Journalism and a love of all things yoga, organic, and in Nature. I am mama to Eli; he has turned my world upside down and brought everything of Light into it.


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